song 2

my oracle machine is oracular
the dearest ov all black boxes
when machine language is kompleat
polynomial heirarchy defined
proof techniques relativize
(hypercomputer are you realizable?)
an heirarchy ov machines
is arithmetical heirarchy
a more powerful halting oracle
an even harder halting problem
oracles make arguments
for the security of protocols
rigorous cryptographic proofs
an infinite description
a finite algorithm

an ideal cipher is constructed
from a random oracle
(does secrecy deserve it?)
complexity class unacceptable
a tail event : some sort of infinity
probability one: almost everywhere
{probability none: almost never}

probabalistically independent
algebraic incarceratio
in infinite dimension
a space that obeys the 0-1 law
transformative automorphism
the requisite tautology
when a formula is absolute

when nothing can change you
only self can alter self

reductio ad absurdum
proof by contradiction
paraconsistent logic
the appearance of falsity is falsity
(unless we're absolute)
replace truth with provability
case by case basis no universal hold
double negatio eliminatio
not admitted in
a court of natural law

intuitional logic
witness property satisfied
theorem without variables
because rationale too has parallax
our mathematical position
decides the sets we comprehend
the contradiction is in
the beholder of the mind
the contradiction is in

algorithm is absolute
compact programs the size of heaven
simplicity is elegant
when we're absolute [!! to silence]

..biological neural network
survival is a program
enforcers police the grid
survival is a pogrom
there's always room for wetwork
survival is a program
enforcers police the grid
survival is a pogrom..

Dissociativ or reintegrated?
shielding is necessary to thwart
divulging of the monitor
(denial of acronym)
probability estimates of safe threshhold
thought amplifier interfacing mind
kill mode weaponized software
(silent assassinatio thru amplified neurons)

implausable denial
ufology a ruse
source is protected (source is protected)

EEG clones: (am i real?)
mapping my mind
(kidnapping my mind)
disassembly perform dysfunction
survivors and experts
childhood traumas predicted
wireless programming suggestiv backmasking
synchronized brainwaves assassin entrained
as suicide bombers
ar animals trained
heterodyning our shark
to be remote controlled

ubiquitous vegetarianism
if we could feel what they do
thru live neural taps
consciousness metric applied
catalogued species including the fetus
(kill without remorse)
like the doctors of death
who feed us thru a tube
DIE IN A CAGE [!! to silence]
(experiment inconclusive)


from GLYPTOGL05510, released September 27, 2016


tags: metal New York


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